a 3-dimensional, global
e-commerce store

Imagine your shop or expo having an exact replica online, from where anyone in the world can browse, buy, and interact directly with you.

This is exactly

what we
can offer!

Using our state-of-the art technology, we will scan your premises and create an immersive 3D online shop or expo. We offer a range of built-in technology to enable you to sell and communicate directly with buyers.
Our retail and expo virtual tour/shop can be embedded anywhere: on your website, e-commerce/sales page, and blogging platforms.

Engage with

your customer

You can engage and close deals via live video call inside your virtual premises. You can generate leads by letting visitors unlock rewards and incentives. Our paying platform can host credit and debit cards, as well as PayPal, Stripe and Paystack Connect.

We can add background music or voice-overs and embed customer testimonials to boost your credibility and trust with new customers. Facebook custom audience and Google Analytics are both also available.


With our help you can expand your
shop to a global audience

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