Dovecot Studios

We are thrilled to collaborate with the world-renowned Dovecot Tapestry Studios as Digital Partners, creating Matterport 3D Virtual tours for both the studio and their curated exhibitions.

With the closure of museums and galleries due to COVID-19 in 2020 it was crucial for Dovecot Studios, who rely on revenue from selling tickets to a regular programme of exhibitions, to find other ways of showcasing their exhibitions and generating new income streams.

360 Virtual Studios initially created a 3D Virtual Tour for their exhibition Mid-Century Modern: Art & Design from Conran to Quant, in partnership with The Fashion and Textile Museum London.

The result has been to open Dovecot Studios back up to be accessible by a global audience, with the team running a number of successful ticketed events to curated online tours of the exhibition. Plans now include to embed Matterport tours of the venue itself, and forthcoming events, on Dovecot Studios’ website, with some free areas to access and others behind paywalls.

The ability to create 3D tours and show them to the public through museum and gallery websites, offers a new opportunity for museums and galleries to attract wider international audiences.”


What is more, using Matterport as a channel for paid tours, not only offsets reductions in income from physical footfall, but extends the life of each exhibition and enhances its overall return on investment.

As Celia Joicey, Director at Dovecot, confirms “the problem for museums and galleries is how best to monetise their digital assets”.
By finding innovative ways to use these 3D Virtual Tours, Dovecot Studios can successfully showcase their work and exhibitions for customers who may have restricted access to museums and galleries or are seeking increasingly realistic and immersive online experiences of these spaces.

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